Electrical projects

In the scope of electrical projects we realize:

  • Basic projects, executive and documentation and participation in starts and as-built
  • Projects of converter-deposit stations built-in and detached in the overhead and GIS technology execution.
  • Distributive Network projects, localized¬† in the EC/EL area, primary and secondary circuits, projects of label lines SN and NN, indoor , outdoor and open area lighting.
  • Projects of IT installation, low-current installation: fire alarm signaling SAP, vent system steerage and air conditioning¬† during fire, smoke extraction system steerage SO, fire extinction SUG devices steerage, sound warning system DSO, monitoring, CCTV and access control, telephone and ICT network.
  • Preparation of full AKPiA documentation – devices list, datasheets, wiring diagram (cabinets, connector boxes), circuit diagram, cable list and …… , look-up diagrams, EX documentation preparation.
  • Participation in FAT reception survey
  • Work coordination and suppliers documentation
  • Overseeing structures documentation and installation.

Purveyance and assembly

We provide professional services in the scope of analysis and evaluation  of offers for electrical devices.

We participate in choosing suppliers in agreement with the customer purchases department.

We provide professional montage services:

  • Power systems NN
  • Electrical installation


We also provide:

  • Devices electrical survey nN
  • Participation in installation starting
  • Participation in FAT reception survey


Modernizations of existing electrical solutions (for ex. in energetic metallurgical, chemical, comestible, automobile industry)

We constantly monitor the opportunities becoming available in these industries. We can choose and match the most effective ideas and solutions to attach them to Your companie’s fundaments.

Creating and moving production lines-especially important in the process of expanding a company.

We offer professional counseling in the field of possible technical solution of proper devices and connecting tested ideas with those developing on the market.

Hence You will receive a number of solutions fitting the profile and services of a company.