Trucks Factory – MAN TRUCKS in Niepołomice, Poland (2014)
Mechanical, electrical and software modernization of motors transport lines

ELEKTROLUX – Oława, Poland (2014)
Electrical modernization of washing machine production lines

Tramwaje Śląskie SA in Będzin, Poland (2013)
Detail electrical design of adaptation R1 tram repair hall for the crossover workshop and new hall with dimensions of 25.0m x 10.0m x 3.5m

Chocolate Food Factory Kraft Foods in Skarbimierz, Poland (2011 – 2012)
Modernization of electrical installation and project design of existing production lines

Chocolate Food Factory  Kraft Foods in Skarbimierz, Poland (2011 – 2012)
E&I design, deliveries of materials, installation and supervision on site for E&C installations of new production

Botlek Tank Terminal in Rotterdam ~200m3, Netherlands (2010-2012)
E&I supervision on site including verification of the documentation, run time of the project, scope of work, quality of work, coordination third parties, quality control.~200m3 


We have gathered experience in following projects 

Beverage cans production – Ball Packaging Europe Radomsko Sp. z o. o., Poland (2010)
Electrical design, deliveries of materials, modification  of electrical cabinets, installation on site for beverage cans production lines. 

EC Martinska Tieplarenska, Slovakia
Paint Shop – VW in Bratysławie, Slovakia
Body Shop – VW in Poznaniu, Poland
Body Shop – Daimler Chrysler GmbH in Ludwigsfelde, Germany
Trucks factory – MAN TRUCKS in Niepołomice, Poland
Rolling mill – HYSCO Still Corporation in Sunchan, South Korea